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2020-06-23 kl 23:09

Fick detta från Faruk GÜNLÜ General Manager Teos Marina IZMIR


Important Announcement about travelling toTurkey
Dear Sailors,


We know that many of you have been looking forward to hearing that sea borders are mutually reopened between Turkish and all foreign ports. The good news is, Turkish sea borders are reopened once for all, hopefully. Please note that Greek Islands’ ports are still not accept any flagged yachts or nationalities even EU citizens sailing from Turkish ports to Greek Islands’ ports. There is no ferry transportation yet between Turkish and Greek ports due to Greeks restrictions. There is no restrictions for the other countries when you sailing out from Turkey if you don’t stop at Greek ports .


Commercial yachts and sailboats will once again be allowed to coast in Turkish waters after a months-long ban that aimed to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

According to the latest circular, “all Turkish and foreign yacht owners entering into Turkey will undergo a medical examination and will get free PCR tests in case they show symptoms of COVID-19” if the test result negative they will continue to enjoy Turkish  Riviera. There is no travel restrictions between Turkish cities by car or with public transport. Wearing a mask is mandatory in all kinds of public transport or at the crowd street. Keeping physical distance is mandatory in all kinds crowd street. Only night clubs and hookah cafes are still closed. All the other shops, restaurants, cafes are open until midnight.


Our yachtsmen have already started enjoying sunny and hot weather of ?zmir area and crystal clear bays of S??ac?k. Our first concert of the season will be held on 1st July 2020. It will be very special concert because musicians will be performing at the second floor of the one daily trip boat which will be anchored middle of the Teos Marina and all sailors will enjoy the sound and drinks when sitting in their yachts. For those who cannot come to the concert, we will broadcast live from Teos Marina social media accounts.


Also according to latest circular, Being only 50 kilometres away from Teos Marina, “?zmir Adnan Menderes Airport will also resume domestic and foreign flight operations”.

With some surprise for you we are looking forward to welcoming you all in Teos Marina soon.


Best wishes,

Genel Müdür
General Manager
Teos Marina ??letme Ve Ticaret A.?.

S??ac?k Mah. Akkum Cad. No: 4

35460 Seferihisar - ?zmir / TÜRK?YE

M : +90 549 795 59 56

T  : +90 232 745 80 80 

F  : +90 232 745 72 14 

E  : faruk.gunlu@teosmarina.com

W : www.teosmarina.com  




Svenska Kryssarklubbens Medelhavsseglare Box 1189  •  131 27 Nacka Strand
Tfn: 08-448 28 80  •  Fax: 08-448 28 89

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