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Spansk tidsplan för att lätta på Covid 19 restriktioner

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2020-05-02 kl 23:28



On 30th April, Spain’s Ministry of Transport issued the following clarification regarding the phased easing of the Coronavirus lockdown and a return to new normality, specifically for the recreational nautical sector.

These are the key steps, as planned, which are subject to amendment in the event that the current health emergency re-escalates.


Key steps


Phase Zero, from Monday, 4th May

You may not navigate by boat for leisure, unless it is done solo, for sport, as an amateur physical activity. Certain sailing boats (eg dinghy) can be sailed as a sport. You must reside in the same municipality where the boat is located and navigation is subject to geographical limitations.

NB. Please remember that paddling by oar or hand is not permitted inside the port area, as is sailing. You must motor, or be towed, to outside the port area.


Phase One, from Monday, 11th May

Recreational cruising may start as a cultural and leisure activity, by limited groups of people residing in the same municipality. Health measures such as heightened hygiene standards must be observed. Cruising is restricted to the waters of the province or island.


Phase Two, from Monday, 25th May

Recreational cruising is permitted for larger groups of people, without having to live in the same municipality, but in the same province. Cruising is restricted to the waters of the province or island.

Navigational training courses and related activities may be carried out.


Phase Three, from Monday, 8th June

Cruising and recreational activities (including charter) may resume without limitations, other than those that generally apply, including geographical restrictions and enhanced sanitary measures.


New normal, from Monday, 22nd June

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