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Corona i Portugal

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2020-03-20 kl 10:28

Vi har fått följande information via vänner i Lagos:


Yesterday, Portugal has declared a State of Emergency starting at 0:00 of today, 19th March 2020, valid for 15 days, and extendable if required.

This particular State of Emergency, due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, implies the partial suspension of the freedom of movement and establishment of people to enable containment of the contagion. 

Although no specific information has been yet released, the general law gives the following additional details:


- Limitation of movements of people for justified reasons only, such as:

        - Professional reasons

        - To obtain medical assistance or medication

        - To give assistance to other people

        - To obtain foods and other essential goods


About boat movement

       Marinas are not allowed to accept incoming boats, except for Portuguese citizens.

       Immigration and Border Services will be enforcing the news regulations on borders. Any known situation or intention of any boat that conflicts with these determinations must be communicated to the immigration inspector that will be permanently at the marina, to activate the necessary action.

      The restriction regarding pleasure boating covers all boats coming from outside Portugal or from unknown origin but Portuguese citizens will not be denied entry, with due care.


Marina de Lagos' services will continue working, as follows:

- Our maintenance and cleaning teams will ensure normal service (as much as possible and within the limitations of personal contact and external supply)

- Reception will have limited opening times and different procedures - doors closed to limit contact and exposure, but ensuring supply of laundry tokens, delivery of mail and packages, etc. All contacts shall be made and answered by radio, phone or e-mail.

        - Opening times - Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm

- Security team will be working as normal

- Bridge will not be opened, except for exceptional and justified reasons, after approval of the responsible authorities

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