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Utegångsförbud i Grekland från och med 23 mars klockan 06:00

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2020-03-22 kl 21:37

Detta är den information som jag fått fatt i rörande de nya restriktionerna i GREKLAND mot COVID19 som börjar gälla i morgon bitti, 23 mars. Utegångsförbud gäller och för att röra sig utomhus så måste ID-handling medföras och om jag förstår innebörden rätt, så måste dokumentation medföras. Se nedan. Jag kan inte verifiera uppgifterna helt och hållet, men till synes stämmer det med det jag funnit ut. 


For those of us who are in Greece. This is the documentation you will need tomorrow if you want to move out ov your boat:
For very specific reasons, which should be confirmed by a relevant form or sms that citizens have on their mobile phones, it will be possible to opt out of the traffic ban that will take effect from 6am on Monday.
In particular, the circulation of citizens will only be allowed for the following reasons:

(a) Transition to and from work during working hours.
(b) Go to a pharmacy or visit a physician, as recommended after communication.
(c) Moving into a supply shop for essentials where they cannot be dispatched.
d) Transfer to the bank, insofar as electronic transaction is not possible.
e) Movement to help people in need.
f) Going to a ceremony (eg funeral, marriage, christening or similar ceremonies) under the conditions provided by law.
(g) Exercise outdoors or moving with a pet, individually or per two persons, in the latter case respecting the necessary distance of 1,5 meters.
h) One-time transfer to the place of permanent residence.
For moving to and from work during working hours, the movement certificate is fixed (type A) and is provided under the personal responsibility of the signatory by the employer or his legal representative in the case of a legal person or, in the case of a freelancer or self-employed.
For all other journeys, the movement certificate refers to each and every single movement (type B), is signed by the person concerned with his / her own responsibility and contains the name, date of birth, home address and time of departure of the citizen, as well as the specific reason for the move.
Citizens must have their ID card or passport along with a completed movement certificate (printed or handwritten) or a confirmation SMS in order to show it during a check.
How is the Certificate of Motion issued?
Fixed movement certificate (Type A)
The following form is required for a standard Certificate of Movement (Type A) to and from work:
• Free Worker Traffic Certificate (PDF)
• Free Worker Traffic Certificate (MS-Word)
Individual movements (Type B)
For individual trips (type B), you have 3 options: SMS, printed and completed movement certificate form, or handwritten movement certificate.
1. Send SMS
You can send SMS from your mobile to the number 13033 free of charge.
The SMS should be in the form:
X blank name and home address where X is the ratio of exit number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 corresponding to the following reasons:
1) Go to a pharmacy or visit a doctor, if this is recommended after contact.
2) Moving to an essentials supply store, where they cannot be shipped.
3) Go to the bank, as long as the electronic transaction is not possible.
4) Movement to help people in need.
5) Going to a ceremony (eg funeral, marriage, baptism) under the conditions provided by law or moving to a divorced parent or parent who is necessary to ensure the communication of parents and children, in accordance with the applicable provisions .
6) Exercise outdoors or moving with a pet, individually or per person, in the latter case keeping the necessary distance of 1.5 meters.
You will receive in response:
Move blank X blank name and home address
2. Fill out the Form
Alternatively, you can download, complete, and bring with you one of the following forms, as appropriate.
• Citizen Exemption Certificate (PDF)
• Citizen Exemption Certificate (MS-Word)
3. Handwritten certificate
The handwritten certificate must have the following information:
First name - Last name
Reason for moving within the above permitted categories and destination address
Date, time, signatur

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