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Corona i Grekland

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2020-03-17 kl 18:23

Grekland stänger tills vidare sina gränser tills vidare.

Fick följande mail från Ionion Marina:


As Greece is heading to a lockdown from tomorrow in an attempt to slow down the pandemic of the new COVID-19, you have to be aware that everyone who comes to Greece from now on will be put into quarantine for 14 days.


So, taking into account the measures that have been putten into force and the rapid spread of the new virus, we inform you that on Ionion Marine the chandlery and the office will not be open for the public. However, we will be able to reply to emails and answer on the telephone. Needless to say that the minivan will not be operating.

The yard will be guarded 24/7 with entry control.


The above will be applied until further notice.


The most important thing now is to minimize the outbreak which will grow with an exponential rate if we don’t take action. By doing so, we give the healthcare system the time it needs to treat the critical cases and do its job by saving lives.

Svenska Kryssarklubbens Medelhavsseglare Box 1189  •  131 27 Nacka Strand
Tfn: 08-448 28 80  •  Fax: 08-448 28 89

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