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Appen Sail-Pilot - någon som har testat?

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2018-03-10 kl 17:54



Är det någon som har testat appen Sail-Pilot : http://sail-pilot.com/en/


"Sail-Pilot is a mobile app that includes Nautical Instructions for the Greek Archipelago (Greek Waters Pilot), authorised by the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service, originally published as “PLOIGOS” volumes.

Sail-Pilot includes detailed information about:

Bays, Capes, Channels, Coves, Dangers, Fishing Shelters, Gulfs, Islets, Lights, Marinas, Peninsulas, Ports, Rocks, Rocky Islets, Small Harbors, Straits.

Geographical, tourist, weather and supplies information is also included. Please note that photos and sketches shown in this app are supportive to the text. They are not to be used for navigational purposes. They are intended to be read in conjunction with the official nautical charts.

Sail-Pilot contains the latest information that was collected by members of the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service during their surveys."


Det vore intressant att höra erfarenheter av den!



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